About Us

Susan Ferrier, BSN
Executive Director, Co-Founder

Susan Ferrier is a leader in the field of  telemedicine.  As CtoC Executive Director, she works with rural healthcare provider organizations to design and implement a full range of telehealth services.  She also provides technical assistance and oversees the implementation of all CtoC eHealth initiatives and activities. She  was formerly Director of TeleHealth Services for 10 years at Northern Sierra Rural Health Network (NSRHN).   Susan earned a BSN from Vanderbilt University.

Mark Schweyer
Telehealth Development Administrator

Mark has over 23 years of health care experience including several working in and managing the clinical, operational, and financial aspects of remote patient monitoring and telehealth programs.  Most recently he developed and implemented a successful multi specialty telehealth program in a rural clinic network serving over 10,000 residents of two frontier counties.  Mark earned a BSN and an MBA - both from Grand Canyon University.

Barbara Travis
Managing Director, Co-Founder

Barbara Travis has over 30 years of experience in non-profit  financial and project management. Her background in systems administration, human resources, and grant compliance ensures a sound corporate infrastructure. Additionaly, she provides her expertise in the design, promotion, delivery and quality of all CtoC programs and services.  She was formerly Interim Executive Director at NSRHN. Barbara holds a Bachelors in Business Administration.

Gem Platte
Administrative Assistant and TeleBehavioral Health Coordinator

Gem has over 10 years in various administrative environments, most recently in home healthcare and foster care. She is currently pursuing her B.A. through the University of Nevada, Reno, and anticipates graduation in the Fall of 2014. With a true passion for helping others, she plans to contribute to the emerging telemedicine field through administrative, programatic and logistical support.  Personal interests include painting, gardening, hiking, exploring the rivers and countryside of beautiful northern California.

Dale Sayles
Fiscal Specialist

Dale has worked in the field of accounting for over 20 years and earned a BA from Westmont College in Santa Barbara. She brings a wide range of experience ranging from business start-ups to youth counseling.  As Accounting Manager at Hospice of the Foothills in Grass Valley for eight years, she was responsible for all statistical and financial reporting .  When not in the office, Dale enjoys nurturing her close friendships and family.

Suzi Coleman
Director of TeleHealth Services , Co-Founder

Suzi Coleman developed and operates the Telepsychiatry and the Assistive Technology Programs at Connecting to Care in Redding, CA, since 2006. As the Director of TeleHealth services, she facilitates telepsychiatric consultations for dual diagnosis, developmentally delayed individuals in collabortion with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  In addition to case management and care team coordination, she also helps manage the telemedicine network infrastructure for rural residents of Northern California . Suzi received her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.

Geoffrey Barley
Assistive Technology Manager

Geoffrey possesses an M.S. degree from Chico State University. While at Chico State, Geoffrey developed the first fully Section 508/ADAaccessibility compliant website for the Kinesiology Department’s Adapted Physical ActivityProgram. He performs all aspects of Assistive Technology including: assessments, recommendations, presentations and trainings for CtoC consumers. Geoffrey has been working in the field since 2006 providing services to individuals from regional centers, schools and the Department of Rehabilitation.

Rose Norris
Office Coordinator and Regional Center TeleBehavioral Health Coordinator

Rose has been in the medical field for 32 years and loves helping people.  She is a California native and graduate of California Paramedical and Technical College.  Rose provides clinical and program support for the TeleHealth and Assistive Technology programs. When not working to meet Connecting to Care's consumer needs, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Liz Mantle, MFCC
CtoC Chairperson
Executive Director, Conflict Resolution Center
Nevada City, CA

Ms. Mantle is an advocate for bringing mental health resources to rural Northern California, and a former Northern Sierra Rural Health Network (NSRHN) staff person.

Jenny Kattlove, MSSA
CtoC Secretary
Director, Strategic Health Initiatives, The Children’s Partnership
Santa Monica, CA

Ms. Kattlove is an advocate for the use of TeleHealth to serve children in rural regions, and principal author of “School-Based TeleHealth: An Innovative Approach to Meet the Health Care Needs of Children” ( http://www.childrenspartnership.org/Report/SchoolTelehealth ).

Gina Grecian
CtoC Board Member
S.L.A.T.E. Program Manager
Program Manager of Autism Services, ROWELL Family Empowerment Center of Northern California (RFENC)
Redding, CA

Ms. Grecian is the parent of a child with a developmental disability who is a regional center client.

Fernando Alvarez, MD
Board Member and Medical Director
Internist / Hospitalist, Mercy Medical Center
Redding, CA

Dr. Alvarez is an advocate of accessing medical specialty care remotely via telemedicine.  As CtoC's Medical Director, he provides oversight and helps increase awareness of CtoC's TeleHealth

Jackie Hausman
CtoC Board Member
Program Manager
UC Davis Health System, Center for Health and Technology
Sacramento, CA

Kathy McKillop
CtoC Board Member
CEO, Medical Home Care Professionals, Inc.
Redding, CA


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